@webboot docs


trust on every step

automagically verify the integrity of homepages,

before you load them.

early bird 3

hello, you are here a bit early. feel free to poke around, but as long as this notice is here, most documentation on this page will not be accurate (yet).


@webboot aims to make tofu (trust on first use) a bit less scary.

we (and you?) run a network of validator nodes, providing a source of integrity to homepages and webapps.

users of addressable content

do you use a browser?

install one of our browser extensions to add additional security to your browser now.

browser extensions

the webboot browser extension has been uploaded to the respective app stores. to install them, just click the icons below.

publishers / developers.

  • cli - coming soon

    the cli guides you through the process of signing and publishing your web properties.

  • gui - sometime in the future

    the gui will provide a graphical userinterface, making it even easier to use webboot.

  • app widgets - coming soon

    the webboot app widgets allow you to embed the webboot gui into your page.

    this allows you to show the webboot gui to every one of your users, even those that did not yet install any of the browser extensions.

  • framework integrations - user - coming soon

    integration with react and vue to show a webboot gui

  • build systems - coming soon

    plugins for webpack / babel / parcel.


validators are nodes in the webboot network.

@webboot is undergoing testing and once we are confident about the deployment story, we will decentralize the network, allowing anyone to run a node.